Age: 25

Height: 182 cm / 5 Ft 10 in

Weight: 80 kg

Tattoos: None

Star Sign: Pisces

About Aiden:

Aiden is a unique individual that women and couples will desire to hire because he has rare qualities not often seen in a Sydney Male escort. Aiden is refined and polished.

Aiden currently lives in Sydney Australia but several years ago he moved here from his beautiful island home in Greece. Aiden has an abundance of confidence, which he gained from being an international model, which also enabled him to travel excessively in the last few years. Aiden has many years of experiences to share with you and he wants to know all about your life too.

Aiden has an open mind therefore this makes him a wonderful Sydney male escort for women and couples to enjoy. Aiden is fun and exciting to be with, Aiden can engage in conversation easily with his female clients especially older women whom he enjoys very much, if you an older woman who enjoys a younger man then Aiden is the male escort to hire for an escort services date. Mature women will enjoy having a date with Aiden so please go ahead and make your date now.Please book one to three days in advance.

Things that excite Aiden:

  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Fitness
  • Music 
  • Travel
  • Outdoor activities
  • Wine expert

Favourite Food: Greek cuisine and exotic cuisines

Favourite Drinks: All wines