Age: 25

Height: 185 cm / 5 Ft 11 in

Weight: 85kg

Tattoos: No

Star Sign: Virgo

Client Preference: Women 20 – 40

About: Harrison 

Harrison makes a perfect straight male escort for women in Sydney because is a sincere caring man who genuinely considers his client’s happiness. Harrison understands when his client needs more attention; she might need more loving more cuddles or someone to listen to, whatever his client wants Harrison will be there for her as a premium Sydney male escort. Harrison will give his Sydney client a warm loving massage to relax her this can take as long as she likes.

Harrison is well mannered and courteous, he is well-spoken and polite a true gentlemen which is required to be a top male escort working for Hire Male Escort who has professional female clients.

Harrison’s passions and interest:

  • Film Making from scriptwriting editing to production  
  • Stunt work in films
  • Dance
  • Caring for other people

Favourite Food: Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian (no seafood due to an allergic reaction)

Favourite Drinks:  Orange juice , Tea, Apple/Orange Cider